Saturday, 23 December 2017

Edgerley - Sacred Whoopers!

I started the year with Whooper Swans (at Venus Pool) so thought it would be nice to finish with some? Trouble with the Edgerley / Melverley area there's a lot of land / floods much of which can't be reached and certainly not always easy for the camera! After an hour of driving round... no joy!

Then I hit lucky with one remnant flood near Edgerley, in with a dozen Mutes were this pair...

A bit of formation gliding...

Almost immediately after they flew off, another 'large white bird' loomed over the flooded field! Another specimen for the escapes list anyone?

Sacred Ibis is not a bird I'd chase or point a camera at but it seemed rude to ignore it at close quarters!

Best foot forward...

The Hawfinches sound interesting at Whitcliffe, a session over the Christmas period methinks?!

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