Sunday, 2 April 2017

Shawbirch - Yellow-browed Warbler!!!

Yellow-browed Warbler is hardly a national rarity nowadays but it certainly is a prized tick in Shropshire with (until today) quite a few of the top listers still needing it. All that was about to change with one being reported in a garden in Shawbirch! There's history in this area too, with one turning up in Andy Latham's garden on 12th October 2008...

There have been four previous records, all autumn birds so this is the first spring visitor to be found - but who knows how long has it been in the area?

After appearing briefly in a private garden mid-morning, it disappeared for nearly four hours and was finally relocated in a small copse east of the B5063 in Shawbirch at about 2.00pm. It showed pretty well on and off disappearing for quite a time but everyone who had come by 4.30 had connected :-)

Hard work to see, photography as difficult as it gets! Nevertheless, here's a few record shots from the session.....

One of the most striking features was how 'untidy' it was (we are used to pristine autumn 1st winter birds!)

And of course there was ALWAYS a branch, twig or leaf in the way!!

And if only this moment had occurred a bit nearer? Another fly about to meet its doom!

I was one of the lucky ones to have seen Andy's bird, a few demons were exorcised by this one for others and yet another good bird for the shire too!

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