Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Trench Pool - flighty Velvet Scoter!!

Trench Pool is probably more popular with fishermen than birders but it does have a history of producing good birds on occasions and today was no exception! Just as well Dave Tromans decided to walk his dog the previous day and found this 1st winter male Velvet Scoter.... Well done!

I couldn't get over the previous day and with the car in for a service, luckily I'd got a courtesy car :-)

It was favouring the North bank but a close approach there meant shooting into the sun. I opted for record shots at distance in decent light....


A few more opportunities were created by dog walkers however! Every time one came close, the Scoter would take off.....

and fly out into the middle of the pool.....

Quicker to post a composite series rather than agonise over which to delete!

A quirky head on landing shot!

But perhaps my favourite? Banking shots are always a lovely angle to catch!

Keep em coming!!! Long-tailed Duck, Bean Goose x 6, Green-winged Teal, and now Velvet Scoter.... The Shire is the place to be right now  (with the deflector shields down??!)

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