Thursday, 24 November 2016

Venus Pool - Green-winged Teal!!

With so many ducks and geese around, it's good to set your expectations high and whilst I was hoping for an American Wigeon, this adult drake Green-winged Teal was next best (and most likely to turn up at Venus Pool)! I picked it up in the south east corner from the main hide, then nipped to the Memorial hide to get a bit closer? It was still a fair way off but at least a few record shots were possible.....

I don't know when I've seen a more striking white bar?! Monster!!

A fifth record for the County, almost certainly a patch tick for all concerned as the last GW Teal here was back in 1996!!

And, hot on the heels of the Belvide youngster, nice to knowTWO Green-winged Teals in the local area!

What a shame I missed the best of the afternoon too when it showed closer....  I had to dash away to get ready for a talk. Oh well, tomorrow is looking to be a cracking day!

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