Saturday, 8 October 2016

Scilly day 9 - Cattle Egrets!!

I've resisted the temptation of chasing the two Cattle Egrets around and knowing they 'can' be obliging, didn't fancy scoping them from the riding stables (some 400m distant!!) But today I cracked, walking back with Martin through Old Town, I caught a whisper that they were both on Porthellick Pool..... just as a taxi approached.... I got in.....

I even dashed passed a gallery at the entrance to Higher Moors (RB Fly ignored??) made my way to the Sussex hide which was quite unbelievably empty!! And here was the view......

Separated by a tetchy Mallard!

And then picked on by a territorial Heron!

Yeah, it wasn't long before they were off - but not exactly 'off'.....

They landed directly opposite!

One of them claiming the rock as his own!

That water looks cold, I can't believe some of my family get into it!!

Eventually, something spooked them both and they were off.....

Really 'off' like flying high!

But so glad I was patient and got decent views!

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