Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Kilnsea - Masked Shrike etc

I'd spent a long weekend in Scotland on plant duty noting the frenzied activity at Kilnsea with the discovery of a juv Masked Shrike! My first opportunity came on the Tuesday and with the crowds having died down, there were even parking spaces in the beach car park!

Then down to business from the viewing point.... The Masked Shrike (267) was ticked on arrival and was more or less permanently on view all day. That was the good news - the bad news was - it never came closer than approx 150m and usually more distant :-) Oh well, the main thing... 'it was there'!!!

As ever, undaunted by distance, all the converters went on to try an eke something out of the day?

 *** Desperate record shots warning ***

You can make out the orange flush beginning to develop on the right flank :-)

Plus some black on the upperwing....

Took me back to trying to get shots of the (Shropshire) Steppe Grey Shrike which was just as distant!

Was I downhearted? Absolutely not! How long before another one??

And there were some bonus year ticks two with two Jack Snipe (268) on the Canal Scrape - close but always hidden!!

Plus a Yellow-browed Warbler (269) in the churchyard which eventually produced something slightly better!

A nice end to a cracking day finished off with an awesome Haddock and chips (Newtons) in Patrington :-)

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