Monday, 11 August 2014

St Mary's - Butterflies

I don't do Butterflies (much) nowadays - they probably had a lot to do with my my back problem (all that twisting and crouching) but I was beguiled by a smart Clouded Yellow which I followed for 50m - only to see it disappear over the cliff! It would have been rude to ignore these two Scilly endemics currently on the wing and in the main looking the worse for wear!

Meadow Brown (subsp. cassiteridum)

The distinct underwing....

Speckled Wood (subsp. insula)

Common Blue

Holly Blue

Small Tortoiseshell

A peaceful St Mary's harbour before the big blow......

The secret (ingredient) of pelagic success....

They were ready in case we got into trouble?

The alternative pelagic - not sure if this will be giving Joe too much competition?

Meagre hand luggage allowance aside, this is another good reason to travel on the Scillonian!

A Scilly hangover will be forthcoming but its only seven weeks before I'm back there :-)

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