Thursday, 7 August 2014

Penzance to St Mary's - Great Shearwater!!

I didn't really expect one of the targets so quickly. A bit of a swell and not much wind but 200+ Manx Shearwater before leaving 'Lands End' augured well.

Part of a disturbed raft on the water!

Then the odd individuals passing close by!

After that, not a lot else except for Gannet, Fulmar, then midway - a lone large Shearwater - quite distant.....

I watched it through bins for 30 secs to confirm the id - Great Shearwater (252) and first lifer of the trip!! There was another one a couple of minutes later and I got this one in the viewfinder :-) Here's a record shot - it isn't easy photographing anything from the Scillonian!

Some folk arrive by plane.....

First pelagic of the trip this evening at 5pm until 10 - it's a bit calm but fingers crossed......

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