Friday, 15 November 2013

Sturt Pond - Red-breasted Goose

An overnight stay in Newbury saw my satnav throw a monumental wobbly the following morning - heading South for Milford-on-Sea!  I'd even keyed 'New Lane' which was fortunate - immediately onto the Dark-bellied Brent Geese on arrival - with this stranger tagging on.......

It didn't seem to be entirely welcome with the Brents having a go very now and then!

But it was certainly up for a fight, giving it out as well!

At one point it relocated to the pool and given the small size, was never far away!

On returning to the fields, it was a tricky job trying to get a clear shot away from the main flock!

Eventually I managed one......

Feeding quite happily.

With the sun beating down it was all too much!

And eventually, I staked out one area where it rewarded me with a really close pass - these are crops but what a smart Goose!

It's back on my UK list again too! I'd scrubbed a previous dodgy encounter years ago and this bird seems to have good enough credentials for the BBRC?

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