Saturday, 9 November 2013

Emerald and Darter Timewarp

It's that unproductive bug ridden time of year!! Cursing a throat infection, hacking cough and general lack of enthusiasm for the local 'nothing doing' scene. I've thrown my enthusiasm into tweaking various upcoming talks, including one I'm doing twice this Winter on Shropshire's Dragonflies / Damselflies and Butterflies!

So if you are interested (locally) in the first outing?  Make a note of Thurs November 21st for the RSPB Shropshire group, meeting at Shirehall Shrewsbury - commencing at 7.15pm. There is a nominal fee for visitors and more details here.

I've also just sorted some images and blogged the only two meaningful sessions I spent with Odonata this year. So if you would like to revisit the warmth of early June follow this Downy Emerald link

Here's a taster......

Plus the jewel in the insect crown of Whixall Moss - White faced Darter in July !

I wish I'd spent more time with them.... Oh well there's always next year?

Memo to self..... If you do insist on standing for hours on end in a freezing cold  reed bed, following by a gale force soaking when you knew that Dusky Warbler wouldn't reappear..... what else do you expect at this time of year?

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