Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wood Lane - Kittiwake

A negative couple of hours was spent mid morning mingling with wedding guests at the Albright Hussey hotel,  no sign of Jason's previously reported Black Redstart which had clearly gone on it's honeymoon!

News from the North of the County was soon to follow though (thanks Damo and co!) Kittiwake at Wood Lane!!

It had flown off too setting the scene for a dippingly disappointing day but I decided to stick it out.....

My luck was in as it flew back in briefly, had a wash... an altercation with the local Gulls and then off yet again!

Standing (or should I say sitting) out nicely....

Quick wash and wingflap.......

Such an angelic bird!

An ominous manoeuvre!

Before disappearing aqnd not seen again.......

One of the Mediterranean Gulls was also captured in flight - it stayed though!

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