Friday, 31 May 2013

Scotland day 7 - King Eider again

Always go back - if you want a better picture (or in this case something better than the previous dismal distant record shots!)  On arrival at the Ythan estuary, hopes of getting anything special were scuppered by the local haar, (sea mist to the uninitiated) visibility was initially down to 20m or so but it did clear somewhat.....

Enough to pick out the good looking one and get some pretty decent views :-)

A few representative poses from all angles

Even looking good from behind!

But birds are better when they are doing something? Like diving for and then eating mussels....

Or washing.

Getting closer into the action.....

A bit of wingflap.....

Shaking the last few droplets off!

Yeah, always go back!

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  1. It was great to meet with you again in Scotland, Jim. I've really enjoyed reading your posts. I tried for the Caper again on that last Saturday but gave up just after 10a.m. and went home!