Saturday, 8 September 2012

Venus Pool - Heron fishing

It's been quite a while since visiting Little Egrets gave me a chance to practice the 'fish toss' capture and with a juv Heron busy catching fry in front of the hide - the boredom was duly broken! A good chance to assess the species of fish which were obviously doing well after the drought conditions....

A picture of innocence?

And with the 'catch of the day' and proof that Common Carp are breeding successfully!

The smallest catch was this Common Blue Damselfly - not really enough to sustain a growing bird!

Then, somewhere in between, lots of tiny fish queued up to be caught....

Tiny tiny tiny Common Carp - getting to double figure size must be against all the odds!

And stickleback - mind those spines!

 A tear being shed, surely not....

On to the fish toss!

Finally, this horrorshow view - the last thing these small fish see?

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