Saturday, 29 September 2012

Mumbles - Mediterranean Sunshine!

I've been birding quite a lot since the Dowitcher but clearly I've lost my luck or more likely 'sixth sense' selectivity?? Back to back dips on a Blue-winged Teal (Marshside) and the Rainham Marshes Baillons Crake, were followed by some of the most dire local Autumn sessions as I can remember!

I also spent plenty of time on the domestic front with Gemma having a break.  Dad's taxi service return to Swansea in bright sunshine inspired me for a sure fire productive session (after I'd visited Tesco with her!) Put it this way, if I didn't find Meds on the Mumbles, there would have been some serious kit for sale on ebay......

I've done this before but probably not with the 7D, so the bigger file size may come in handy? The aim.... a two hour session with all ages to be captured plus upperwing flight shots? Not a big ask?

Posing for starters.....

First Winter

Second Winter


Now the above posture is the cue for flight!

First Winter

Second Winter

Always nice to get a frame filler against a non-sky background :-)

Adult plumage but probably 'third Winter' with just a little residual dark marking on the outer web of p10

Job done, confidence (to bother going out again) back and the shutter back eased back into service :-)