Saturday, 27 November 2010

Winter bites!

Not one of my most distinguished posts but with a bit of deep freeze looming, travelling far is not the most sensible option! As the temperatures drop, Wildfowl are on the move and congregating together. Wigeon numbers at Venus Pool reached a max of 61 last weeeknd but checking the pool on Friday, with complete ice cover, they have all moved on (for now). They weren't at Polemere either although a good count off 72 Common Teal were present.

Saturday was a snow covered start and a bit of a non-event.

I spent an hour or so at Meole Brace park and ride , after 15 mins I did see a flock of approx 25 Waxwings but.... strictly flyover and that was the end of any excitement!

The only birds eating berries today were not exactly Christmas card material...

The Blackbirds were relying on their gastric juices to thaw the berries...

Eventually I moved on - in 'Gull mode'. I had planned origianlly to check Stubbers Green until the snow came down and later wished I'd gone there! Apart from two adult Yellow-legged Gulls (here's the nearest), nothing of note at Priorslee and a Waxie check of Waitrose in Newport / Asda Donnington drew a blank!

Perhaps the best photo moment of the day was a Jay which crossed the rode after I left Priorslee Flash - it lingered in the roadside trees for a moment!

The highlight of a very cold morning.... Whilst I was Gull watching, like a Vulture sensing blood from several miles away, I was drawn to the aroma of bacon being fried. I couldn't resist it - sausage, bacon and egg - absolutely awesome!

I also managed to avoid the clutches (just) of the local thieving Magpies who are very adept at stealing the butties if you turn your back for one moment....

A finale at Meole Brace park and ride witnessed - would you believe it, the Waxwing flock over Sainsbury's again but not stopping. I've had enough of birds and berries, I feel like going to Iceland......??

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