Sunday, 14 November 2010

Shropshire Birder - flying High

And now for something completely different......

A weekend away in Northern Ireland on alpine talk duty and travelling very light meant that bird photography was not an option (not that I had time anyway). A well into double figures count of Hooded Crows seen during the drive to the airport at least ensured that a bird would make the yearlist without seriously birding!!

Jetting out of Belfast, I thought I'd keep my wits about me, with camera poised ready for an aerial shot or two.

Belfast seen bathed in clear skies whilst the rest of Ulster was smothered in cloud!

Things got more interesting and some familiar territory was in focus as the plane neared the coast of England. The route took us over the Dee estuary and looking at the top of the picture is the mouth of the Mersey. The white dot on the shore opposite the docks is the Perch Rock lighthouse.....

The Mersey mouth is still visible and now the Dee estuary is in view - the dark strip of rocky 'land' at the mouth is Hilbre island with the tide just coming in?

A closer view - note the triangle in the lower part of the picture the is the Point of Ayr - crikey, I was stood there last week!

Looking back now across the Mersey is Seaforth and the docks, Crosby marina etc. Happy memories of White-tailed Plover, Pallid Swift, Wilson's Phalarope and Grey Phalarope!

Another familar shape came into view ten minutes later - the twin lobes of Blithe bay and Tad bay plus the causeway splitting Blithfield reservoir....

I'll spare you Villa Park, St Andrews and a host of Brummie points of interest... Maybe I'll pick the right hand side of the plane nest time??

Which reminds me, I did flying back from Dublin last year - Bloody hell, if you zoom in on this particular patch of water, isn't that Steve Nuttall walking along the path.......

Back to birds hopefully very soon!

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