Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Colemere - RB Merganser unveiled!

A blockbuster of an afternoon in the twilight zone.....

Prior to visiting the icy cold, dark netherland known as Mordor*, Sam and Frodo took solace by the subarctic lagoon known as 'Coldmere' (surprisingly ice free, above zero and no swirling atmospheric mist!)

The Red-breasted Merganser 'brownhead' has been showing well for a week or so now and the wise sage Gandalf had decreed to folk of the Shire that 'she' may actually be a 'he'!

The usual cast made an entry - Mr, Mrs and Mrs Goosander (plus extras) for a take on the usual denizens of the zone.....

Despite the distance, enough of a view to realise as ever, the wizened wizard is wisdom personified.....

The two tone - darkening? head, red iris and emerging plumage features look good for a juvenile male! Let's hope he stays so we can follow his 'development'?

If you don't understand some of the script, don't worry - I don't either!

Oh and the fields around Wem have some really strange worm like creatures which rise out of the ground - I believe they are called Whopper worms!

* Whixall Moss, a wonderful bleak, barren wilderness where you can chill yourself to the bone, wander undisturbed and test your endurance to the limit without the distraction of birdlife! (Unless, as Gandalf did - you chance upon a Ringtail!)

Don't worry 'Bravehearts' of Mordor, I'm only joking, it's a birding Mecca on it's day!! I'll be back.....

......COMING SOON 'Black Kite II - Return to Gigrin' in glorious thingamycolor

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