Thursday, 10 September 2009

Rednal - Purple Heron posing!

Birding has its ups and downs! It can be pretty frustrating when a couple of dozen dogs, their owners, 90% of the Shropshire listers, plus well meaning locals (telling you they see it 'every day'....) have all seen the PURPLE HERON on the canal twopath!

What's going on? Has lucky Jim lost his lucky touch? It seemed that was the case - this was my fourth visit and all I had to show was distant flight views! A part morning off work and with very little time left, all that changed. I had teamed up with Alan Heath, and we had headed a mile down the towpath, waiting at the start of the 'long straight' when at 12.45, look what appeared........

Alan had walked a fair way on ahead but my call stopped him in his tracks - the Heron had found a gap in the hedge and landed a further 200m up the track from him!

A little bit of a stalk was called for, the heat haze was terrible but a few acceptable shots were soon in the bag....

20 mins later, a dog walker coming in the other direction flushed the Heron....

Exit one mightly relieved and very happy Jim - off back to work - luck still intact!!

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