Monday, 4 May 2009

Crosby Marine Park - Pallid Swift!!!!

The demons of yesterday's failed twitch were fortunately laid to rest today with an instant result at Crosby Marine Lake. Mind you, it nearly didn't happen! I'd turned down the offer of a lift with Andy and Damo the previous evening - that all changed when news came out of the Pallid Swift 'showing well' again....

The Enterprise was pointed towards Liverpool and with the empty bank holiday roads I was there in no time. Dank moisture laden skies didn't help photography but the 'Pallid' was fairly easy to pick out - most noticeable was the paler 'brown' appearance relative to the many Common Swift with which it was feeding. This pale colour also makes the eye-mask stand out.

Steady rain soon put the mockers on extended photography but at least a couple of record shots were in the bag! The classic wing shape (blunt tips) was not at all obvious even when looking at the photographs. There was some damage to the outer primary tips and maybe this was the reason why? The scaly appearance to the underparts was noticeable though when the bird got close and you can see this in the (OK I know they are dodgy) record shots too!

At about 11.00 and with rain now easing, the swift disappeared - over to Seaforth - keeping to this trend from previous days. And I made a swift exit too - calling in on Dolydd Hafren to see if the Great white Egret was in 'pose mode' view? It was - but only distantly .... in the shallow rapids of the river.....

Never mind, two good birds (one lifer!) to finish the Bank Holiday weekend on a positive note!!

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