Sunday, 19 January 2020

Melverley Floods - Whooper Swan JZH

It was late afternoon and urged on by the territorial Mute Swans, a small group of four Whooper Swans opted to move on and keep the peace! We all seemed to spot the flash of a yellow once airborne and I think we all locked onto this individual in the hope of having a legible image?

Whatever, departing swans  always make for interesting action!

An having locked onto the ringed bird, now much closer, the ring was clearly visible on zooming in...

See what I mean! Nice one JZH!

Rings always have the potential to tell a story and for JZH it's a fairly short one for now. Initially ringed as an adult on 13th Jan 2018 in mid Wales at Llyn Mawr, it's hopefully going to be seen again? Even better back at it's breeding grounds?