Saturday, 10 August 2019

Scilly Pelagic - Storm Petrels galore!

Today was just as much a day for survival in some pretty wild seas driven by a 40mph south westerly gale. With a 4m swell in the equation, standing up was one achievement, poiting and operating a camera another! But the the European Storm Petrels were in 'their' element, simply business as usual as they effortlessly flew into the gale picking bits of chum up in the slick by the boat...

And they were very close, some flying just 3 or 4 metres off the stern - leading to the ridiculous complaint of 'too close'!! There were plenty to choose from, an estimated 300 + flew past the boat!

Not sure what's going on here?

But it was one of those amazing days where you forget the wind and waves and just marvel at them - simply WOW!

Highlight of today - no contest...

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