Friday, 21 December 2018

Holt - Smew take 1

Been pretty busy of late and birding has taken a back seat but tempted by the two male Smew down near Holt (Worcs) I teamed up with Dave Chapman for a twitch down there. They were obvious on arrival, before we got out of the car and with patience they were soon in the decent record shot zone. Not close enough sadly and the light was diabolical!

Singling them out...

Just about the only excitement was a wing clap or two!

And a Perch or two down the hatch...

Not the most comfortable lunch, but swallowed head first those spines flatten down nicely, not that this next pic confirms that?

One of my motto's is 'always go back'. Cheers Dave for driving, some blue sky for Saturday and another go...

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