Thursday, 9 August 2018

Scilly Pelagic no 1 - Wilson's fest

What a start! Steaming 7.5 miles South in an 18mph westerly and despite a complete absence of Cory's Shearwater we were into Great Shearwaters, quite early on. Ending up with a great tally of 43 boosted by a late show on the run in back to St Mary's...

There's clearly a 'frenzy' or two in the area and Tuna probably concentrating the birds into a small area - just hope we catch up with them!!

Wilson's Petrel put on a show which has rarely been bettered numbers wise with a minimum of 14 seen. The first one was just over 3 miles out and 'if only' the others had been as showy, preferring to linger in the glare of the sun in the slick!

Pogo agogo...

And a brief flash of yellow :-)

A good support act from 6 Sooty Shearwater, numerous Manx Shearwater, Ocean Sunfish and with this trip being a fishing trip, a chance to see Porbeagle Shark tagged and returned...

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