Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Belvide - Great Crested Grebe vs Perch

On arrival at the Hawkshutt hide, the Spotted Sandpiper was some 100m + distant and hardly worth picking up the camera for? A bit of light entertainment had been arranged however in the form of this epic battle (just under 4 minutes) between a plucky Grebe and a prickly Perch!

Don't look any further... who's your money on?

This was the first frame and seen side on, it wasn't obvious what the Grebe was tackling? Ding ding - round one.

But then, once the reality of this not so tasty, spiky main course kicked in, I thought 'no way!!

You cannot seriously be thinking this will go down with that erect dorsal fin??

But wow, it was really having a go!

Before the weight of the challenger was starting to 'tell'.

Ding ding, round two!

Once again, the Perch was on the ropes and the Grebe seemed to be cruising fast hoping the momentum would ease the Perch downwards?

Oh dear... one fight too many methinks?

Perhaps a change of angle will help?

Ding ding, round three...

The Perch had by now seemed to have exhausted the Grebe and in the few seconds I took to check the progress of Spotsand around the bund...

he had dropped the Perch and retired from the tussle and paddled off to recover...

The winner by a unanimous points decision - the Perch!

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