Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Whixall floods - flighty Spoonbill

A 1st summer Spoonbill was a fantastic find on the Whixall floods the previous evening - well done Anthony Griffiths!! Needless to say - only my second Spoonbill in the County and there haven't been any twitchable ones other than these in recent years - I was on my way over there.....

Luckily my timing was impeccable as it had just flown into one of the floods adjacent to the roadside - some 100m away but that's one sizeable bird!

Spooked by something, it remained jumpy....

and just after 9.00am it flew out to the east! A few folk were gathering and whilst the prospects didn't look good, it didn't depart too high and I reckoned it would be back!

30 minutes later my prediction proved correct!

Taking me by surprise but circling around....

And then a nice sequence as flew towards me!

Not easy to keep up with it as it loomed overhead!

Back in the frame and bit of a ruffle to finish......

I need a session with it much closer?!

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