Friday, 25 March 2016

Venus Pool - Shovelers

A familiar conversation took place at VP several times today, usually preceded by .... "Where have you been?"....  "What's happened to your blog?"..... "Why aren't you posting images?"....

The simple answer was "I've been mega-busy for the previous two months and the reality is (when I have been birding) - nothing of note had been in front of me to be photographed!"

I tend to get enthused only when there 'something of note' in front of me! But then I thought, the light is awesome today, lets see what we can do with the resident birds? The camera came out of the bag!

'Take-one' was Shovelers, 70+ of which have been present recently.....

The bill may be outrageous but the drakes are smart ducks!

Whichever way you look at them!

Constantly dabbling means the feathers are always wet however!

See what I mean?

A riot of colour from the rear!

Something has grabbed his attention?

Yeah, quite a looker!

Full steam ahead.....

Now that's a bill to be proud of!

Which is more than can be said of this female Wigeon?

Who think's she's a Phalarope?

Mute Swans next......

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