Sunday, 3 January 2016

Venus Pool - Goldeneye and Mute Swan

The duck count and range of species at Venus Pool has been steadily on the increase in recent years and I wonder if we will soon be considering Goldeneye as 'regulars'? Two females have been present since the 20th November (plus a male which they couldn't hold on to!)

Here they are in their usual area - as far away from the hides as is possible!

And is this the reason they are happy! Worms galore, I know they are the 'bowels of the earth' but does that includes pools too?

And they did come close (ish) today....

But no nearer than they needed to!

Every swan flying in at this time of year gets my attention - a Whooper or even Bewick's maybe?
Another Mute swan drops in (there were 42 present at first light on new years day)

And given the glorious light, was well worth firing a landing shot burst!

The problem with head on landings is.... they soon exceed the frame!

Now what I need is a few wild swans to make my day, hmmmm maybe the floods at Melverley?

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