Sunday, 9 August 2015

Scilly pelagic no 4 - Stormies

We were all hoping for a Wilson's today and just in case the opportunity arose, an estimated 200 European Storm Petrels were making sure that practice could make perfect? I just love watching and trying to photograph these amazing birds but..... they are a nightmare! The trickiest subject by far from a boat.....

Here's two together in the mizzle.....

But when the sun briefly put in an appearance, they took on a new dimension and seemed a little easier to lock onto in flight?!

Shooting with the light, they were always facing upwind when paddling for food on the surface!

Not the most flattering of angles!

Take off moments....

And even a sideways glance!

I could never tire of doing battle with them and hopefully soon, the one we all want????

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