Saturday, 18 July 2015

Chatterley Whitfield - Red-footed Falcon

The holiday in Seahouses had put the mockers on (what would have been a short drive from home!)  to Chatterley Whitfield where a very obliging 1st summer male Red-footed Falcon was playing to the crowds on a daily basis and showing supremely well! A long drive on the Saturday of my return finished with a minor detour and it was no surprise to find it showing well on arrival!

Here's the usual haunt!

Every now and then flying in search of prey.....

Coming right at me!

Or hovering.....

Return to the wire shots apenty!

Together with the balancing act!

Steady does it....

Best Red-foot forward!

It wasn't showing as well as it had during the previous week, but one's not going to grumble, especially as I didn't expect it stick for a week! And with a decent forecast for the Sunday, a return might be on the cards!

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