Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hampton in Arden - Melodious Warbler

Not exactly local for me but it would be rude to ignore this brilliant bird for the Midlands and with Mike Stokes raring to take a look too, we set of mid morning for a mighty showy Melodious Warbler .....
We could hear it from 50m away and it only took a few moments to get cracking views. Question was would the views translate into a bird in the open rather than a skulker behind branches?

There's the answer - it was a little show off!

What are all those people doing stood there looking this way?

Singing its heart out!

Then occasionally perched in a 'hole' though the branches....

If you could find it!

As showy as they come!

A chance find down a bridleway opposite Marsh Lane, it makes you wonder how many other could be lurking as yet undetected??

Unbridled, unfettered, unchained even - cue for a song? Sorry Sam Cook, Elvis, The Righteous Brothers and all the other versions - my vote goes to Ann Wilson of Heart blasting out this timeless song...

Watch your glass when she hits the high note.....

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