Sunday, 24 May 2015

Lochindorb - Red Grouse

I've photographed Red Grouse here on many occasions, always hoping for something 'different'?

The whiskey bottle motif pose is not the norm, they have evolved to stay hidden (to stay safe from aerial predators). The fact that there are precious few raptors here (most likely one is an Osprey!) makes no difference - this is a shooting estate where 'sporting gentlemen' pit their wits against such a difficult quarry in the name of enjoyment...

Will this small chick lead a long and prosperous life though? Get back into cover!

Twigs aplenty to spoil whatever pose I was after but I do like the ruffled plumage!

Presumably they know it's safe at this time of year, the (in)glorious kick of is a while away yet!

Maybe this was the only 'different' pose achieved, the pair almost snuggled up together :-)

The happy couple don't seem to be talking!

Enjoy the peace while it lasts......