Friday, 31 October 2014

Davidstow - American Golden Plover

This was my third attempt to nail this 'obliging' bird! It had flown out the day of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo dip on the way back from Scilly and when I called yesterday, the airfield was shrouded in FOG!!  That was after getting reasonable views of the Steart Pallid Harrier (283) in the morning - any hope of images was dashed by my camera locking up :-( The same thing happened here initially and then I managed to work out it was the converter at the root of the problem. When I took it off, everything was fine!

So hear we go, short on words and most angles of this rather tame juvenile American Golden Plover (284) covered.  Flight AGP 284 was well and truly grounded! And everyone stayed in their cars thank goodness :-)

It was between the windsock and the control tower, at the edge of the runway, posing well:-) That supercilium was soooo striking!

Every now and then, stirring and feeding on small insects and worms barely big enough to see!

Yes, a decent sized one at last!

Proudly showing it off :-)

The only other thing it 'did' was an occasional feather ruffle. I never got so much as a wing flap!

And this quirky pose was about the only out of the ordinary shot!

Mind you I'm not complaining, it's hard work ticking off birds at the moment and every one counts.....

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