Sunday, 13 April 2014

Titterstone Clee- Ring Ouzel

What a difference to the previous week - blue skies and sunshine vs wet and very windy! My luck was in as well - I'd spotted a small group of birders on the drive up - clearly watching something? They were just 100m from the parking area and it turned out to be Craig (Midlands Birder) with his father plus some other birders - they were on a single male Ring Ouzel :-)

We watched it for a while as it fed happily in a boulder patch, occasionally retreating into a patch of gorse. Fortunately there was a ridge offering some cover and I sat down to quietly wait and hope.....

Patience is a virtue of course and it took quite a while before eventually flying down from the gorse (lucky Jim) and here's some representative shots of the scene before me....

Initially and mostly hidden amongst the boulders......

A tight squeeze here!

Before relaxing and then giving me the eye  on various rocks (I know you're watching me!)

Eventually the the open turf and one or two worms beckoned.....

Obliging views at all angles :-)

Crouching with a worm just under the surface?

The worm never materialised but who cares. I don't think I've had a better close encounter with Ring Ouzel!

Patience and just a little slice of luck :-) And the good thing was it was back up in the gorse still as I had to leave...... Hopefully still present tomorrow?

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