Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Mere - Great Northern Diver

A rather nasty viral throat put a bit of a dampener on my Christmas and it was with less enthusiasm than normal, I summoned up the energy to check out the Mere! And that was only after Tom tipped me off that the juvenile Great Northern Diver was coming close in at times.....

Whilst the Diver was tickable (near the far bank) on arrival, I had to wait nearly an hour to get a decent swim past and with low side lighting, decidedly tricky to get anything worthwhile!

And as the sun began to sink, another opportunity was looking pretty pointless

Than a patch of darker water and the last rays of sunshine combined  to ensure it hadn't been a wasted session?

As we looked each other in the eye!

A final turn of the head to end the day before diving and off to the far bank again!

Will it stick around ? 

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