Sunday, 13 October 2013

Scilly - Day 10

St Mary's again...... First light in a graveyard is not perhaps everyone’s idea of an idyllic morning and I was getting bitten to death by mozzies too! The Grey-cheeked Thrush had shown the previous evening and this had to be target for the day? As I made my way back for  breakfast, news came out it had been seen briefly – turned out to be Ian Grant, well done!!

I decided to spend the morning on nearby Penninis. The Snow Bunting was still blocking the track!

Hopefully the couple of Lapland Buntings would keep me happy, once I found them?
I did and they did!

Initially feeding in the dense grass.....

Eventually on the rocks.

And then one lovely head on pose against a clean background :-)

The fun came to an abrupt end with news of the Grey-cheeked Thrush showing – in a driveway! I didn’t get it straight away and by the time I was marching back the Health Centre, it had relocated to the Churchyard…..

Anxious moments but 15 mins later I was there, gratefully accepting the advice to head to the top behind the monument. Realising I couldn’t get my camera through the gallery, I dumped it beneath a bush and wormed my way through….. just in time – a Robin flushed it a few moments later!

Better (crippling) views were to follow though as I had it in flight over my head and then again ever so briefly a head on encounter in a bush less than 10m away – what a cutie!!

Even better, it was another hurdle cleared on the road to UK 400, the 350 mark (for some strange reason, I can't update this on the blog using the laptop!) reached and six lifers for the trip so far. A celebratory pint or two tonight methinks……

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