Monday, 29 April 2013

Wheathall - Bee-eater!!

OMG what a local mega, a Bee-eater no less  - a first 'proven' find for the County and it was Tom Lowe, calling on domestic duties at the Condover Industrial Estate late afternoon, who found it. Once again, he manages to routinely find great birds when he isn't birding! :-)

It was settled near to the Industrial Estate, perching in two Oak trees in the neighbouring Rape field prior to launching off pursuit of bees and wasps.

Occasionally it took to the nearby wires!

One or two flight images followed......

And of course, all those Bees create a lot of indigestable matter - I watched as the Bee-eater gagged eventually expelling a sizeable pellet of bee-bits!

Tom found it at 4.20 pm, (well done mate!!) it was last seen at 6.45 by the main gallery and remained pretty elusive thereafter?