Sunday, 3 March 2013

Thetford - Black-bellied Dipper

A bumper Saturday in Norfolk was followed by a multiple card filling session in Thetford with the Black-belled Dipper....

This was virtually the last image I took!

Here's the full story...... The Dipper spent most of the day at the edge of the reedbed, just downstream of the bridge, everyone was viewing from either the bridge of right had back

Here it is!

Just about as busy a Dipper I have ever seen, constantly feeding - mainly underwater and this always meant a short flight back to it's favourite stick. My first mission was to try and get a flight shot or two?

Well, sort of record shots, never really got the one I was looking for!

Next, was trying to capture the various victims of those underwater forays!

Proudly showing me this catch!

Always cleaning up the larvae before consumption!

A nice cleaned up grub!

Then, later in the day (after the Otter shoot) it took up residence below the bridge....

Which was where we came in!!

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