Sunday, 23 December 2012

Buff-bellied Pipit!!

An early start - It had to be done - after today there were to be NO more open days at Queen Mother's reservoir until the New Year! So here, taking a brief rest after feeding up on small insects after it's transatlantic passage, is the mega of the moment.....

It wasn't going to give itself up to the camera easily though! After driving 150 miles, there were just two formidable obstacles to breach - a moat and a steel barrier!

I made it through and parked up with the dozen or so cars and after an initial flog around the perimeter, we were told to return and move them to the higher car park! Oh well, it was no show for the first two hours and with 3 miles of concrete wall with the Pipit possibly tucked up under it, not an automatic find!

Eventually, after checking out the sailing club area with another birder, I spotted the tell tale sign of a gallery on the South Shore - a good mile away! Best foot forward then.....

What seemed like an eternity of relentless straight line walking ended up with .....

Nice head on pose, not easy as it was (normally) constantly on the move catching very small insects!

Lining up another one.....

It was outrageously close on occasions!

Almost like a bird in the hand!

Which is worth two on a tussock?

It moved about quite a bit early afternoon and eventually ended up at the sailing club.

Low angle shots were possible from the walkway here, despite the gloom! Reflected light from the water or foam brought the buff underparts into their true colouration....

Eventually the light decreed it was not worth any more photography so I called it a day at 3.00.

 Just the exit moat to overcome now!

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