Sunday, 13 May 2012

White Memorial CC - Waders and more!

This was to be one of the best sessions of the trip. An amazing number of habitats were encountered over a 2 mile walk and .... lots of amazing birds.......

Starting off with a group of 7 Lesser Yellowlegs.......

Well spotted - Spotted Sandpiper, I had Solitary Sand briefly too!

Least Sandpiper under my feet! At one point this bird was less than 5 metres away. This was the ONLY wader that was so obliging though!

Was this the moment of the trip? A Commonn Nighthawk - flying overhead mid-afternoon!

Yellow Warbler for once, perched up......

One of the most skulking of birds gave itself up - Virginia Rail!!

There's actually two visible here! (Honest)

 Eastern Kingbird.....

Farewell to another Lesser Yellowlegs!

A very poor record shot but last bird of the day and one of 'must see' birds in the frame - Magnolia Warbler :-)

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