Monday, 30 August 2010

Venus Pool - Redstart pair

What would Monday's bird be? It wasn't to be another mega to end the bank holiday weekend but at least it was a photo opportunity with a patch (VP) year tick! Common Redstart have been hard to come by this year and having not seen the reported annd briefly present Spring bird, I had to make do with not one but three rather scruffy Autumn birds! Taking other reports into consideration, there must have been at least six on the reserve today!

Ladies first.....

The birds were literally queuing to have their portrait taken!

This was probably the male's best side.....

Busy foraging for flies or small insects on the ground....

This is probably the best portrait I could manage!

What a weekend! With the Autumn glut of waders and good things to come (he says) this could be a record breaking year on the Shropshire scene!

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