Sunday, 18 July 2010

Venus Pool - Great crested grounding

A quick call at Venus Pool continued the theme of wader movement with three Black tailed Godwits present! They remained distant however, never nearer than the middle island......

A little bit closer was an engaging juvenile Great-crested Grebe. Long gone were the relaxed days, riding around on Mother's back! It was now fend for yourself time, after being chased off quite aggresively, this youngster was getting to grips with the world......

Water - nice smooth runny stuff which supports and lets me glide from A to B.

Land/mud - horrible brown sticky stuff which you can't swim in.

Air - I might have to go up in this one day? OMG - where's me feathers! Flying will have to wait a while yet!!!

A Franklin's Gull had been reported at Chasewater, he was off and so was I.....

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