Monday, 10 May 2010

Venus Pool - Great crested courtship

A bit of argy bargy going on today and whilst I missed the ‘fight to near death’ between two males. The victor was sidling up to his ‘intended’ – I just hope his intentions were honourable?

Creeping up on said lady Grebe.....

Can't fault his dress style!

Will she fall for his charm?

Oh well, maybe not!

Or maybe she will......

At least he had thought to bring the lady flowers! Well, when I say flowers, more like wet smelly weed from the depths of Venus Pool (looks like she's keeling over from the stench?) This is the only occasion I’ve managed to get a pair engaged in such display.....

Nearly forming that perfect heart shape?

If all else fails, adopt a Cormorant like posture and dive to save face!

I'm sure there wil be more to come....

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