Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hadnall - 'field' trip

It was a 'no show' from the Lesser spot this morning so didn't spend much time there and went off to hunt for another Shropshire bird, never to be considered 'easy' - the elusive Grey Partridge!

Painsbrook lane leads to ideal habitat for them in the fields adjacent to the lane. The horse paddocks were teeming with thrushes - good opportunity to get up close to some Fieldfare. One advantage of birding from the car on a bitterly cold day like today is the car heater!!

A few portraits of Fieldfare then - they really are dapper birds!

A cruise around, just about managing to keep my exhaust intact (be warned if you try!) failed to locate any Grey Partridge. So, I went back to the Fieldfares!
As I was parking, I noticed, as you do, a shape which for once wasn't a tussock or a stone and no, it wasn't a Red legged either! There in the vehicle tracks next to the horse paddocks were a pair of GPs - only trouble was the distance. Never mind - it was on my list and excuse the indulgence of four record shots!

Joined up with Andy and Dave Western and we finished the day back at Haughmond to tick a couple of Woodcock at that 'well known' place. Tawny Owl heard nearby too but that tick can wait a few weeks when there will be pics......!!

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