Saturday, 3 January 2009

South Shropshire - fog free zone!

Shrewsbury and Telford were amongst most of central Shropshire, enveloped in a sea of fog - and if you don't believe me - check out the later images. I was hoping with Yvonne to get amongst the Waxwings but despite visits to Stokesay at 9.30 and 1.30 - they'd gone!!!

The reason could of course be the local aggressively territorial Missile Thrush (yes that is spelt correctly). I didn't see it eat a single berry but it certianly did it's utmost to prevent any other birds eating them too. Undoubtedly it's destined to be reincarnated as a Sparrowhawk!! Needless to say, I couldn't catch it in flight!

One or two of the Blackbirds were allowed pickings off the ground....

No Holly, so had to make do with a gravestone for the Robin....

The only other worthwhile Bird image of the day came at Vernalls Common - a speculative cruise around the area, just in case the Black Redstart reported in 2008 had stuck? The only bird seen catching flies on a rooftop was, unbelievably a Grey Wagtail!!

A Longmynd finale - check out these atmospheric pics of Mid Shropshire bathed in a sea of fog.....

......followed by the most amazing views of a pair of Hen Harriers flying in to roost, not enough light for photography sadly. The male came in first, only to be unceremoniously ousted from the heather by the female and giving an extended display. Brrr, the temperature was now -8'C!!

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