Sunday, 31 August 2008

Venus Pool - Invasion of the Terns!!

A 'quick half hour' look at Venus Pool as sometimes happens, turned into a half morning affair. There were no waders but the low cloud and forecast of stormy weather was promising...

First bit of action was at 9.30 when a lone Tern flew in. Hugging the far bank it was not easy to see detail but with an obvious black bill (which I still think looks long!) and legs, optimism got the better of me - something special?? but any Tern is always welcome at VP! I'd realised by the time Andy got there and the pictures show it was a juvenile Arctic Tern (even sporting a metal ring)!

At least having got Andy there, he was able to enjoy the party of 14 Common Terns which dropped in an hour later, circling over the pool for 2 to 3 minutes - quite a sight! Sad thing was they took the Arctic with them on departure!!

And sorry, no I couldn't get them all in one picture!

A Black headed Gull acting as 'fighter escort' and shadowing them off the reserve!

I left mid-morning with the reported 'probable' juvenile Sabines Gull at Westport Lake near Stoke now a 'definite'!! Hmm, only 40 miles - tempting...........

(You might want to come back and see what happened!)

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