Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Venus Pool - Osprey

Well, what better way to follow a fantastic March with a key bird for April openers. An Osprey had been seen by a few observers on the evening of March 31st and it returned with a vengeance today!!

It was present for much of the afternoon and during the evening today. Obviously stuggling, given the very windy conditions and surface ripple etc, it remained fishless for hours! I managed to get a couple of decent but distant record shots.

A useful sense of scale provided by one of several mobbing rooks!

Best views were in the fading light at 7.00pm however, whilst with Dave Western in the top field. We were watching a Barn Owl hunting over the seed crop......

when suddenly the Osprey reappeared over the Trout pool, OMG - which way do we turn! The Osprey got the vote and it was a quick dash to the causeway for closer views, climaxed over the next 30 mintes with two attempts to nail a fish. The first plunge was amazing - the Osprey literally disappeared under water for a few seconds before the head reappeared, followed by the wings and then a monumental effort to become airborne again! Oh to have captured this - closer and in decent light.....

These are really dodgy pictures but help to convey the scene......


  1. I was the sole angler on Cound trout lake, and the sighting of the Osprey and Owl made my day, in fact it has been the highlight of my fishing in 2008.

    Shortly after the blogger and his friend left, the Osprey was succesful taking a trout from the lake. It circled for some time with the fish in its talons, it must have been looking for somewhere to eat. It then flew from site.

    In fact this sighting and the blog has rekindled my passion for birds, i'd taken for granted what beautiful creatures they are.

    Thanks for the photos


  2. Good to meet you Hoppy - was a pretty good display and a shame I missed the 'catch'. Best of luck catching up with birds now!