Saturday, 19 January 2008

Chasin' the Slav

Whether the Norfolk effect is still taking effect, apart from the chance of a decent Gull, I didn't fancy taking on a birdless Shropshire. So, following a 9.30 call at a Gull-less Priorslee, the 'chase' was on to Chasewater and hopefully the Male Smew plus Slavonian Grebe - a pic or two???

Fly Bay is quite productive at present and I was onto the Smew in seconds but unfortunately so was a helicopter - hovering overhead and flushing everything in sight!

After hurling abuse (rather pointlessly) skywards, I suddenly realised it was the boys in blue carrying out their duties......

.....and after a short while the Smew flew back in - no nearer though and now hiding in the waterside braches - occasionally sneaking out to open water.

Still no sign of the Slav however and I walked back to the sailing club, just about to call it a day when..... Around the corner and into view.....What a stunner and so confiding, shocking light but there were quite a few keepers!

You can have too much of a good thing and with hopes of a white winger, I headed back down the M54 to Priorslee. Still no Gulls to speak of - the weekend effect holding strong. There was however one instantly noticeable large Gull with gleaming white head and even without bins in the pouring rain, I thought 'Yellow-legged'. Andy arrived and we spent the best part of an hour waiting and hoping for something better.... Gull watching is never easy and with nothing else to look at, we nearly turned the YL into a Caspian (with that black beady eye, tantalising glimpses of large mirror on p10) but those yellow legs when flying off were a bit of a giveaway! Have a look and see.....

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